Special Collections 2023 and Liturgical Calendar

If you use a box of donation envelopes for your donations to the church, you are familiar with the special collection envelopes that are scattered through your box. For those who donate by other methods, here is a list of the special collections up until Easter. The full list can be found on our website.
Jan. 1: New Year’s Day
Feb. 5: Heat
Feb. 26: Poor and Needy & Diocesan and Missionary Works
Mar. 26: Development and Peace
Apr. 7: Holy Land
Apr. 9: Easter Offering
May 7: Poor and Needy
May 14: Oblate Vocations
May 21: Pastoral Works of the Holy Father
June 18: Oblate Missions
Sept. 24: Needs of the Canadian Church
Oct. 22: Evangelization of the Nations
Nov. 5: Heat
Nov. 12: Oblate Missions
Dec. 3: Poor and Needy
Dec. 25: Christmas Offering

Liturgical calendar 2022-2023:  Year A