Pastoral Plan 2015-2020

Pastoral plan update – 2018-1

The Canadian Martyrs Pastoral Plan is a living document. First launched in 2015 it has gone through several reviews and editions.  We present herein the 2018 Holy Canadian Martyrs Pastoral Plan and Update of Activities.

As the newly installed pastor of this vibrant little Roman Catholic parish I am edified to see the dedication and foresight of all those who have given of their time to prepare, maintain  and update this plan. Many months have been spent reviewing the plans, the activities and the accomplishments of the past several years, and envisaging what could be.

But this isn’t just another bureaucratic exercise, another document from a committee; rather this is an attempt to prayerfully discern how this community and its members are being called into closer union with each other and with our God, and how we can become more effective agents of the building of God’s Kingdom in this time and place.  This isn’t just an evaluation and a vision document; it’s our attempt to hear God speaking to us, encouraging us, calling us to serve those most in need of the hope and promise that only God can provide.

May this Pastoral Plan be a source of blessing and guidance for us all.



Timothy Coonen, omi,  Pastor

26 February, 2018