Pastoral Plan 2020-2025

Canadian Martyrs Pastoral Plan 2020-2025

The Canadian Martyrs Pastoral Plan has always been an exercise of faith-filled visioning of a future as yet unseen by the dedicated members of the Parish Pastoral Council and those actively involved in many of the parish’s activities and committees. This year’s planning, in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, has presented challenges none of us have faced in our lifetimes. For many weeks our primary question was whether we could even open our doors to communal worship.

Yet our Church has survived and grown in much worse times; compared to the first few centuries of the Church’s history, with its threats of martyrdom and worse, this episode is not much more than an inconvenience. We continue to look forward with the eyes of faith and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, knowing that the path before us, while unfamiliar, will not be walked alone.

I acknowledge the work done by previous councils as well as by my Oblate predecessors and am particularly grateful to those on our Parish Pastoral Council who have continued to build upon the previous editions of this plan. May this faith-filled document bear much fruit!


Yours in Christ, and Mary Immaculate,

Timothy Coonen, omi