Our ministries

To encourage full active and conscious participation, all members of our community are invited to fulfill their baptismal calling – priest, prophet, king. All ministries are different in kind but equal in value because it is the same Lord who calls each of us to service. We rely on everyone’s gifts from the children to the seniors.

On Saturday and Sunday we gather in one Lord, in faith, and in one Baptism. As a community we witness how many individuals make up one body. By sharing our gifts we nurture each other and the world. Through our participation in these ministries, we “prepare the way of the Lord.”

The community of Canadian Martyrs and all who are involved in ministry recognize that God, who has called us to ministry, will sustain us by abundant grace. We rely on God’s love and the support of those with whom and to whom we minister. Through these ministries we are ever mindful of the challenge “Rekindle the gift of God that is within” (2 Tim 1.6).

With all of these ministries and committees, volunteers are always welcome. Consider sharing your gifts with the parish to help keep Canadian Martyrs fully alive in God’s presence